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The Marilyn Monroe Slot Machine


From 1947 to 1962, Marilyn Monroe graced the silver screen with a halo of unprecedented fame. Tough men like Marlon Brando bragged about flings with the blonde from California. She spent quality time with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.

50 years after her tragic death, Marilyn Monroe is an online slot machine. The new Marilyn Monroe slot machine is a 5 reel, 20 payline beauty. The game takes you back to the classic era of the late 50s to early 60's.

Marilyn's slot game has a very revealing stacked wild, a Backstage Bonus with free spins and a x10 multiplier. She had style like no woman of her time. No one could blush on the silver screen like Norma Jean. Relive Marilyn Monroe's greatest moments in this 5 star slot game!

Norma Jean's Symbols

Marilyn stars as all of the symbols of her slot machine. The star-studded Marilyn Monroe is worth 750 coins. Marilyn's Hollywood Walk of Fame Symbol is worth 400 coins when matched 5 times.

Marilyn's TV Magazine is worth 250 coins when matched twice. There are two different Marilyn TV Magazine Symbols. The Backstage Bonus Symbol is worth 500 coins when matched 5 times.

The Glittered Marilyn is the Wild Symbol in this slot machine. It substitutes all symbols of the game except the Backstage Bonus Symbol. The other symbols include the letters A, J, K, Q and the numbers 9 and 10.

The Wild Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn's Backstage Bonus

Imagine a backstage ticket to see Marilyn Monroe live and in person? That's what you get when you match 5 Backstage Bonus Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels.

Ms. Monroe starts you off with 10 free spins and a x2 multiplier. Immediately after, you get to choose 2 of 5 pictures of the lovely lady for even more free spins and a multiplier.

If 3 or more Backstage Bonus Symbols show up anywhere during your free spins, you get another 35 free spins with the same multiplier!! All in all, you can win up to 45 free spins with a x10 multiplier.

Backstage with Marilyn Monroe!

Your Jackpot With Marilyn

The Marilyn Monroe Slot Machine has one huge jackpot. The Glittered Marilyn Wild Symbol is worth a stunning 10,000 coins when matched 5 times. Match it 4 times for a sweet 2,500 coins. Even 3 matches is worth 250 and 2 are worth 10 coins.

One big screen sized jackpot is enough, isn't it? No, its not! Marilyn's slot machine has a very cool extra way to win payouts. Every winning that happens thanks to a Wild Symbol is doubled!

The 750 coin Star-Studded Marilyn is worth 1,500 coins when one Wild Symbol is a part of the action. The Walk of Fame Symbol is worth 800 coins - and not 400 - when the Wild Symbol joins in. When the Wild Marilyn join you, you have twice the fun and twice the winnings!

Marilyn's 5 Star Jackpot!

Take Marilyn For a Spin!

We've all seen Marilyn Monroe on TV and magazine ads. Her inheritance must be worth a lot. Here's your chance to cash in on Marilyn's fame and fortune! A few payouts is all it takes.

After a few spins, you're likely to see Marilyn's Stacked Wild. I bet you've seen that pose before! Its windy and her dress is rising. When's the last time a pose like that paid you so well?!

The graphics and sound of the Marilyn Monroe Slot Machine are immersive and the game play is fun. Look at that skyline! This is one slot game you'll want to show your friends - it exudes "cool" from the era that defined the word. Why not take Marilyn for a spin - she's waiting for you!

The Ultimate Marilyn Monroe Game

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